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of the newly released iphone 5s and 5c. joining us is max wolf and jmp security analyst matthew. the estimates called for a profit of $7.96 a share on revenue of $36.93 billion for the quarter. max, what else are going to be the highlights of this quarter? >> i think -- thanks for having me. i think we want to see the guidance. we want to see how well the 5s is doing and maybe not how well the 5c is doing. with the two weeks of data we have it's a little premature. and we want to gauge how weak the sale of ipad were before they refreshed the product a few weeks ago. >> good stuff. alex, how do you see the third quarter shaking up? >> i think max is absolutely right. in is more about the guide than about what we got in q3. a lot of people are concerned right now that maybe the 5c isn't doing do too well out of the gate. what we want to know is this wider channel, more emerging market exposure, particularly china, how is that helping the december quarter. >> i mean, going into the end of the year, are you optimistic in terms of holiday sales? you know, the last couple of years it's been all abou
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.c. notice the temperatures mild into the low 50s. we'll max out in the low 60s for your day on wednesday. here comes this warm front. it will be charging from south to north. warm front by thursday afternoon. that will deliver a punch. forecast highs of 70 to 74 in the city. we'll be talking about above average temperatures. so it's 44 in town, not quite has chilly with the temperatures again most spots being in the low 40s and 64 for wednesday, variable cloudiness, milder. wentz wednesday going down to -- wednesday going down to 40. there will be showers as we did into the trick or treat forecast. friday could pop 75 previously and a big cool june pie next weekend. an isolated shower is possible but it's nice are by sunday. notice the temperatures falling back into the upper 50s. we're back with more news coming up after this. mnever sleeping.g. ever saving. for him, her, and you. every day. but quality affordable health care seems forever out of reach -- until now. i'm doctor peter beilenson. with local doctors we've founded a new approach to health insurance -- evergreen health. neigh
always come max and pto my rescue. bookstore but as time passed, i started to notice max just wasn't himself. and i knew he'd feel better if he lost a little weight. so i switched to purina cat chow healthy weight formula. i just fed the recommended amount... and they both loved the taste. after a few months max's "special powers" returned... and i got my hero back. purina cat chow healthy weight. >> in the year since the attack in benghazi, many say the whole story about what happened was yet to be told. a new report on "60 minutes" including a never before heard eyewitness account from a british security officer. >> one guy shouted. i couldn't believe he seen me because it was so dark. he started walking toward me. >> as he was coming closer -- >> i hit him with the butt of the rifle in the face. >> that report inspired republican senator lindsey graham to make a renewed call for hearings but it also inspired questions about that eyewitness. "the washington post" reported that the security agent had filed an after-action report telling a different tale. last night the security co
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. but as time passed, i stted to notice max just wasn't himself.e and i knew he'd feel better if heost a little weight. so i switched to purina cat ow healthy weight formula. i just fed the recommended amount... and they both loved the taste. after a few months max's "speal powers" returned... and i got my hero back. purina cat chow healthy weight. >>> it's halloween folks. let me tell you something. two words that don't go together in life. they are healthy candy. check out this new ad by toothpaste maker crest. it's one of the cruellest tricks on kids you could play. >> who likes candy? we're going to replace candy with healthy halloween treats. these are veggie fruit chews guys. >> this is the worst i've ever tasted. >> not good. >> mine taste like broccoli. yuck. >> mine taste like poo poo. >> they're delicious healthy cupcakes. >> this is the worst thing i've ever tasted. >> i need some water. >> how do you like halloween without candy? >> i want candy. >> okay. that really is cruel. could you imagine this guy handed them some broccoli candy and artichokes candy? what do you think about th
guess i'm going to have to cut back expenses. my budget is already maxed out as tight as it can be right now and i don't spend money on anything else. i don't really have much disposable income as it is. so i guess i don't know, i have to cut my gym membership, my healthy eating, the things that keep me out of the hospital to begin with. >> yeah. were you surprised? i mean what were your expectations when you heard about the plan and when you decided you needed to go look at the plans that were available? >> my expectation was fear to begin with because i have worked out a high risk/high yooelds health care system that works for me. being mandated to pay, at least i was hoping for something, better coverage than what i am getting on my own right now. looks like is, i will be paying for a service that i may never reap the benefits of in a year. >> because you're young and healthy. >> i'm young and healthy. and if i actually do, i may be paying co-pays on top of that. for $2400 i should have all the free nice beautiful health care i possibly could because if i was paying $2400, i would hav
is included. >> the biggest pill among those corporate democrats was industry lapdog max baucus of montana, chairman of the senate finance committee. at one point baucus even had advocates thrown out of his hearings. >> i'm sorry. there will be order. can we have a recess until order can be restored. >> want a single payer system. why do you insist on spending more money when the single payer will give it to us at the price we're spending now? >> still, obama care made its way through the gauntlet of mercenary senators, predatory lobbyists, and greedy corporations to become law. rube goldberg would have been a very happy man. his principle, why do something simple when it can always be made harder, carried the day. and by the time it became law, the affordable care act was a monstrosity of complexity. sure enough, on opening day, what the republicans couldn't accomplish happened anyway. screens froze. error messages flew. data was corrupted. the system broke down. and obama care stalled at the starting gate. supporters gaped at the wreckage of their best-laid plans, opponents gloated, and
over the last two years. why have you chosen not to go ahead and max set out and require less taxpayer infusion, what he caught a bailout or because something us? >> we have spent enormous amount of time balancing, bringing the fun back as quickly as possible with ensuring continued access to credit. by the way, just when you take a look at what happened when we made our latest justases in june, and not premium increases but our policy changes, you saw a huge amount, our application volume dropped off by -- >> let's go back to it again. is that how much interest rates have come down. we're talking about rounding errors for this 25 days. it could have helped you significantly. i would ask you to look at that again. this is the fifth time you come to testify before the committee in my three years here and every time a you, so i'm going to ask you again why fha has not instituted a risk-based pricing yet. you have had the authority since 2010. i believe i've said this before, that fha believes that the way we do pricing and the way we do risk-based , was not risk-based pricing, we do that
of confusion, too, about what's next for sac. there is this five-year probation so at max, bharara explained it will take them five years to wind down their current businesses and close forever. they may be able to become a family office for some period of time, perhaps the principals will reopen a new hedge fund at some point. we'll wait for more clarity from sac which has yet to comment, but a little bit of a defense there in spite of the fact that this was a landmark amount of money and there were five guilty pleas to securities and wire fraud is somewhat unprecedented, tyler and sue, or perhaps entirely unprecedented. we don't know what all the other cases are but the amount of money certainly is. >> i know we have to go, but kate, what was your read of that statement that i put the question to bethanie, that no institution is too big to jail. did you interpret that as he's going to become more aggressive against some of the big banks? >> potentially yes, and i think we've seen some evidence of that already with the tone that both bharara but also his boss eric holder are taking with jpm
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said blue skies scare him. reaction ahead. to my rescue. but as time passed, i started to notice max just wasn't himself. and i knew he'd feel better if he lost a little weight. so i switched to purina cat chow healthy weight formula. i just fed the recommended amount... and they both loved the taste. after a few months max's "special powers" returned... and i got my hero back. purina cat chow healthy weight. wears off. [ female announcer ] stop searching and start repairing. eucerin professional repair moisturizes while actually repairing very dry skin. the end of trial and error has arrived. try a free sample at eucerinus.com. about yoplait's fall favorites. so we brought pumpkin pie and apple crisp back for a limited time. see? you really do call the shots. ♪ yoplait. it is so good. >> what sit off the l.a.x. gunman? police family and friends search for answers. we've got live reports straight ahead. meal by meal, the food stamp cuts begin to hit home. what are lawmakers doing to help those in real need. >>> it's a fear of going outdoors. a brother and sister afraid for their li
. closing arguments in the max wade case ended a short time ago. and fieri was in court earlier today. kron 4's j.r. stone is in marin and has the story. >> reporter: certainly come of the he is a pop food network certainly, he is a popular food network storymax wade is no stranger to trouble. law enforcement investigators accuse him of multiple crimes. back in march of 2011.when he was 17.police say he stole t-v chef guy fieri's lamborghini from a san francisco dealership. he allegedly repelled from the roof of the van ness dealership one night.and cut the locks of the showroom.then drove away. mill valley.april of 2012. >> i was in chicago. and i thought that somebody was just messing with me. >> reporter: wade is accused of attempted murder for firing five shots into the parked vehicle of a romantic rival. police say the girl in the vechiele chose another guy over him. wade was eventually tracked down.and arrested. then in august of 2012. at least two of wade's buddies tried to help him escape from marin county juvenile hall. bolt cutters got them through the fence.but their sledgehammer
a million for the species this year. >> we were expecting a good run, we exceeded the daily max mum. it was mayhem, really, it was mayhem. >> salmon populations have struggled since the river and its tributearies were harnessed for power. hundreds of river miles away, then the snake, then the clearwater, these fall chinook reach the end of their line. fish returning to this stretch of river numbered in the hundreds in the 1990s. this is a different year. >> it's fun, pretty magnificent. >> it means something -- that we're doing something as a people, doing something that's right. >> at this tribal hatchery funded by court order by the federal bonneville power administration, workers scan fish for implanted computer chips, test for disease and strip chinook of their eggs and sperm. fortyizeation in hatcheries completes the cycle. all of this is one example of the human help the fish get from state and federal sources, conservation groups and tribes. hydroelectric turbines have been improved, killing fewer young fish and dam managers have tweaked operations to increase the survival ra
't just go as wild it is the mad max environment. the other to think about is stability. bit it is a better way to describe it. we see open systems with continual input the capital of bangladesh is a great day simple in 1950 to bryan's 450 you will be a 25 million and a whole series of national government have come up with a fix with the problems repeated the overtaken by events so by the time to be implemented but at the nation state level it was too late to affect what they tried to change. getting a below the nation's states to the subsidy increment is important. looking at the same pattern repeated at the street to block subdistrict level and off than it is similar but with a twist. when you learn what works at the streets or district level and look at that pattern. >> motivation for violence as a concept that makes him think of the disparity between the wealthy. >> by the way there is not as strong correlation in the field research between a street coefficient that this job besides the ability to but just the fact there is a disparity between rich and for more. go aren't
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. there are hundreds of ways people use lysol disinfectant spray. max's mom uses it on the couch. it freshens, but unlike febreze it's also approved to kill 99.9% of bacteria. with lysol disinfectant spray, go beyond freshening. start healthing. we are born searching. for intelligent life. for a greater purpose. it's a journey enriched by the people we know and the things we share. we believe online searching should be the same. only at bing do you see what the web knows what we know, and now what your friends and the world of social media are creating all there. all in one search. expand your search and see what you've been missing. bing. try it now. >>> it's 5 minutes before 9:00. we've had a good downpour on tv hill. marty is over at first warning weather. >>> let's take look at first warning doppler weather radar. this is fascinating here. we have a lot to talk about by the way. watch this line start to fall apart right there. now having said that we only have severe thunderstorm warnings in effect for cecil and harford dropped for baltimore city and baltimore county. here's what i
and all eight have denied the charges against them. back to you, kate. >> max, thank you so much for that. the southwestern part of england is being hit with its worst storm in recent memory. >> reporter: lots of rain and gale force winds kept residents awake into the small hours of the morning. wind speeds recorded as strong as 93 miles per hour in some parts and this morning, commuters having a tough time getting to work with the road closures, rail delays, flight cancellations at heathrow and gatwick. 40,000 homes without power this morning. as can you see, storms pretty much passed in this part of the country. now the priority of cleaning up the debris and getting people to work. back to you, kate. >> thank you so much for that. there was a scary crash in one of china's most well known attractions in tiananmen square. >> there is a heavy police presence here. there normally is. apparently, this car drove up from this road down this way crashed through a barricade. you see the pictures of this suv of some kind burst into flames, right outside the entrance to the forbiden city opposite
to nine years in prison. celebrity chef fieri is to testify. he is to testify against max wade accused of stealing his lamborghini from a dealership back in march 2011. wade is also on trial for a separate incident in mill valley in 2012 when prosecutors say he shot into an occupied vehicle. >>> let's take you outside with a look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. we have a good looking day. you can see from this picture of san francisco, old glory getting quite a bit of pickup. the winds were strong. they are starting to drop off as we speak. we are expecting showers now as we head throughout the second half of the day, mostly in the south bay and east bay. throughout this afternoon it's not going to be that warm. make sure you bundle up. 58 degrees on the way to san francisco. 61 in los gatos and 62 in santa teresa. if you want warmer weather we've got it. tomorrow temperatures climb. upper 70s to low 80s thursday into friday. here is your drive. >> in san jose one of the spots here because of typical build. look on the maps, also word of a crash right
deliberations resume in the trial of max wade. he's accused of attempted murder and stealing a sports car belonging to celebrity chef. he's 19 years old. he's being prosecuted as an adult. even though he was arrest when he was only 17. he's charged with shooting at a teenaged girl and her boyfriend last year. prosecutors also say he stole a $200,000 car belonging to tv chef guy fee fee et -- guy fieri. >>> a plan that would limit dock access in san francisco is not being supported -- dog access in san francisco is not being supported opposing the golden gate area's plan to limit dog access to parks. scott wiener wants the plan modified for rerk ration areas like chrissy -- rerk -- recreation areas like crissy field and ocean beach. >>> uber added an option for kitten delivery. now, people can use the uber app and order a kitten for a 15- minute snuggle. snugglers pay 20 bucks. the money went to local shelters. but a lot of people were angry. they said they were never able to get through and order a kitten. uber isn't saying how many snugglers try to adopt a kitten. >>> our time is now 8:2
tweeted, you're a great friend. from maxes to the masses, you made the world sing. i love you, lou. lenny kravitz writes, rest in peace on the wild side. he suffered complications from a liver transplant. he was 71 years old. see new just a bit. >>> thank you very much. straight ahead, nearly 50 years after his assassination, some don't think we know what really happened to john f. kennedy in dallas. >> as the motorcade rolls through, acquires the target, bam, bam, bam. >> a form c.i.a. agent ho is heading up a new investigation into jfk's death joins us live next. >> and it's the worst storm in decades in the most unlikeliest of places. why it's causing headaches for travelers around the world. they're getting their sandy, it looks like [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, we've always been on the forefront of innovation. when the world called for speed... ♪ ...when the world called for stealth... ♪ ...intelligence... endurance... affordability... adaptability... and when the world asked for the future. staying ahead in a constantly evolving world. that's the value of performance.
and down. >> i was kidding. i was kidding. honestly, you picked one building? >> yes. because by tend, max? henry, they were tired. they wanted to go home. >> and i mean, to get a pumpkin, you had to rent a car to drive to a pumpkin patch. >> we like those pumpkins from yesterday's show and thought that was the coolest thing. i still think that was the coolest thing. >> come on, you didn't actually put that out, did you? >> no, no, did not put it out. but we had a couple of people who came over after for pizza and they saw them. >> becky, you want to do what you did. it was pen nell penelope's birt. i brought her the picture of me on a pumpkin. here's your present. it has a thing, you can light it up. i wanted her to put it in the window so people would come and say oh, my god. what a jerk. >> what a jerk. >> and as you said, pass out instead of candy, signed head shots. here you go. here you go. >> wow, huh? huh? anyway, it's -- we didn't have -- it was raining, so there wasn't a lot of people that came by. >> we only had two. >> we have a lot of candy left. >> we do, too. i was going to
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Search Results 0 to 32 of about 33 (some duplicates have been removed)